Julian Keaton

Business Coach & Culture Curator


Who Am I?

I'm Julian Keaton. I teach musicians how to become more efficient in their work productivity by analyzing their business operations and providing a roadmap towards generating income. For the past 10+ years, I've worked with award-winning talent and organizations across the country as an artist, talent manager, radio show host/producer, blog contributor, event curator, consultant and founder of Stereo Assault.



Every Wednesday, I’ll highlight hot topics in the music business, provide tips & info about growing as a musician and host a live Q&A were viewers can request to join me and ask a question.

The Journal: Tips,
Tricks & Experiences

The (r)Evolution of Music Experiences

Today’s climate of distribution and consumption has evolved well beyond pirating music via torrent software. Much like the transitions from cassette to CD, CD to mp3 and now mp3 to streaming, we are currently living in the next transition, immersive technology and decentralized music blockchain platforms. But what doest that mean and how can the industry, the artists and the various stakeholders stay ahead of the curve?